Extra Large Beef Tendon (9" Jumbo Tendon)

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First introduced at Super Zoo 2016!

Case quantity: 25 pieces per case. The price listed is per individual piece.

Sourced: from free range South American cattle.

Good for...: These 9"-12" Jumbo tendons are of variable thickness, have very little smell and are longer and heavier than any of the other tendons we carry. Tendons are a fairly long lasting chew, and highly desired by the majority of dogs.

Tendons are rich in collagen, glucosamine, chondroitin sulfate, and elastin, which are nutrients that may have some health benefits for joints, skin, and hair. Tendons are also low in fat, so this is a very appropriate chew for dogs who are on a weight management regimen.

Other recommendations: We also carry 6"-9" jumbo tendons - about the same thickness, shorter length, and affordable price point! Our smallest tendon is the skinny 6" tendon.

SKU (w/ barcode): 09TENDONNAA-BC

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