You may see these icons displayed on our product pages as well as some of our marketing. Each icon highlights a benefit of that particular product. Use the guide below to learn about some of the benefits of our natural dog treats and chews.



Eco Friendly

We're not just a dog treat company. We care about our environment. Since our inception, we've gone plastic neutral, changed our packaging to recyclable plastic, offer carbon emissions neutral shipping, and more. Learn about our sustainability journey.



Plastic Neutral

We are a Plastic Neutral Certified Company. This means that for every pound of plastic that we produce, we remove an equivalent amount of plastic in the environment. Learn more.



Made in the United States

Sourced from USDA inspected meat that is grown, harvested, cooked, and packaged in the USA. We've made it easier for you to shop all of our products made in the USA here.



Single Ingredient

We specialize in Single Ingredient treats and chews. These treats are simple, easy to digest, and are free from additives, fillers, and preservatives. If your dog is: a picky eater, has a sensitive stomach, or suffers from allergies, we recommend trying any of our teats from our Single Ingredient collection.



Grass Fed, Free Range

Grass is a major part of the natural diet for many livestock, including cattle, sheep, bison, yak, and more. Beef sourced from grass fed cattle is healthier, has a higher antioxidant content, as well as a more favorable omega-3 fatty acid profile, compared to grain fed cattle. Browse our Grass Fed, Free Range collection.



No Antibiotics, Hormones, Ever

In the USA, many livestock producers' goals are to raise as many animals as quickly as possible in a given amount of space. Many producers will use antibiotics and growth hormones to help their cattle gain weight fast, and to prevent them from getting communicable diseases caused by having densely packed living quarters. We work with livestock producers who prefer to allow their cattle to grow slower, at a natural rate, without the use of antibiotics or hormones.