Save an ongoing 10% on your dog's favorite treats and chews!
Save an ongoing 10% on your dog's favorite treats and chews!

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USA Chicken Meatballs - 3 oz
  • $10.72
USA Beef Burgers - 3 oz
  • $11.75
Freeze Dried Whole Minnows - 1 oz
  • $13.99
Freeze Dried Turkey Gizzards - 3 oz
  • $13.40


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We believe in simple, healthy, and tasty treats for your best friend.

95% Venison Flips - 8.5 oz
  • $12.85
Beef Gullet Strips - 6 oz
  • $13.35
Pig Ear Slivers - 10 oz
  • $12.42
Salmon Skin Chips - 3 oz
  • $13.19
Beef Trachea Bites - 8 oz
  • $7.92
USA Chicken Jerky - 3 oz
  • $13.20
Chicken Stomachs - 6 oz
  • $9.60
Chicken Necks - 8 oz
  • $10.30


It all started with one dog, Tuesday, the rescue Golden with a voracious appetite. When we brought her home, she tried to eat everything - toys, toilet paper, shoes, even the flat part of the drywall. We had to do something!

What did we do?

Dogs Love Us

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As a Westie, Buster loves to watch TV, and needs something to munch on that allows him to focus on the television. We have other types of chews, but eventually Buster tires of them. Your bully sticks seem to NEVER bore him. @busterwestiema


The Natural Dog Company Bully Sticks: much tastier than my human's shoes!


I’m no bully...but I love Natural Dog sticks!


Shazam & Moxie love your treats especially tripe sticks, bullys, gullet sticks, tendons & tracheas. I love them b/c I know they are healthy & safe for my dogs. @shazamdog

Shazam and Moxie

This is Charlie.. Nothing  makes her happier when we come home with her bully sticks.. She will beg, borrow (has been known to chew on her buddies and give it back) and steal ( Also has been known not to give it back) for these... @charliegurrrl


Finn (my black poodle) and DarbyDan (little brother) go through lots of The Natural Dog Company’s odor free, non staining bully sticks. We buy them by the case! All we have to say is “Do you want a chewy chewy?” and they come running! We have new carpet so we’re very careful about what they get to chew in the house. Thank you for making such a good product. There are often 4-5 around the house but for whatever reason they most often like to chew on the same one! 

Finn and Darby

Bentley came from a tough start of being mainly left in a crate and not exposed to much. So as he has been integrating in to our home he’s been have been and exciting “firsts” and we’ve been gaining his trust. This morning’s lesson was “yummy chewies”. Our other two dogs LOVE everything from The Natural Dog so it was Bentley’s turn to see why!  At first he played with it and then really got in to it.  He was so focused and seemed in doggy heaven once he really got to chewing. He looked for more when he was done :) I love that the chews are safe, tasty, good for their teeth and responsibly sourced to boot! 


I get my Doberman treats from Bringhurst Meats in Winslow NJ. I feed Raw so am really fussy ...she loves your products!


Just a quick message to let you know how much our Wheaten boy Thor LOVES your gullet sticks!! Thank you for providing a safe treat for our boy to get his chewing impulses out on!


Thank you for making such a delicious treat for Mimi, a 3 year old toy poodle who is the finickiest dog ever! I got a sample of your beef treats at the Pet Pantry Warehouse in Larchmont and she loved it!


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