12" Thick Bully Stick Odor Free - 16 oz

12" Thick Bully Stick Odor Free - 16 oz

$65.56 USD

Ingredients: 100% bull pizzle, sourced from Free Range Grassfed South American Cattle.

Good for: 12" odor-free THICK bully sticks in a 16oz bag - perfect for customers who are looking for a great value and prefer to buy many bully sticks at once, instead of one at a time out of a treat bin. Recommended for multi-dog households! This product is packaged in a convenient, odor-lock resealable bag. 

Other specs: This package consists of 12" thick odor free bully sticks, each piece is guaranteed to weigh a minimum of 50g.

Average of 8 pieces per bag.

UPC: 851265004643