Certified Plastic Neutral

We, at Tuesday's Natural Dog Company, have always been known for our high quality treats and chews. Since our inception, we strive towards making sustainable choices to help drive our company forward. From wind-powered energy at our first warehouse to our focus on free-range, grass-fed chews, environmental consciousness has always been at the forefront of our minds. We’re very excited to be taking the next step on our sustainability journey by becoming a certified Plastic Neutral company.

We have partnered with rePurpose Global to fund the collection, processing, and reuse of as much ocean-bound plastic waste as it uses across its packaging and operations. By taking this bold commitment, every purchase from Tuesday's Natural Dog Company will now carry a Net Zero Plastic Footprint.

By donating a percentage of every product purchase to plastic reduction efforts, we are enabling the removal of low-value plastic waste otherwise landfilled, burned, or flushed into the oceans every year. For every plastic bag that we use in packaging or in daily operations, we pay waste pickers to remove a plastic bag out of a landfill.

Tuesday's Natural Dog Company’s ultimate goal is to balance profit with positive global impact wherever its business reaches. Success means improving the lives of the people, the animals and the environment in which the company operates from supply chain to final customer. Plastic neutrality in one step in the right direction toward that future.