One of the missions of The Natural Dog Company is to not only supply products that will enrich your dog’s life, but to conduct business in a way that is environmentally sustainable. This is an ongoing process that involves analyzing our supply chains and identifying areas of risk, recording traceability as thoroughly as we can with our suppliers, as well as engaging with our suppliers to ensure their compliance.  Our goal is to create a supply chain that is completely zero-deforestation by the end of 2025. 

At The Natural Dog Company, we source many of our dog chews from Brazil and other Latin American countries. We source products from these countries for many reasons, but the top of our list includes quality of product, healthiness for dogs, healthiness of cattle, and economic viability. We also acknowledge that as a company that sources products from countries that contain or border the Amazon rainforest that we have a responsibility to ensure we are not part of the global problem of rainforest degradation. 

Rainforest degradation is a complicated problem with many contributing factors.  While we think we are making the right choices by sourcing our products many miles away from the Amazon rainforest and working with suppliers that have demonstrated a commitment to raising sustainable beef, we know we can do more. 

The next steps we are taking as a company will allow us to better verify our supply chain. We have set a goal that by 2025 we can certify that all of our treats are deforestation free.  

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