Meet Tuesday - Our Inspiration

Tuesday, the Guilty Golden who started it all!

Tuesday and Dan, our Founder/CEO

Who is Tuesday? Tuesday is the reason that we started The Natural Dog Company!

In 2009, Dan and his wife, Jen, adopted Tuesday, a 5-month old Golden Retriever mixed breed, from an animal shelter in McMinnville, OR.

Dan and Jen were very excited to adopted their first dog together as newlyweds. Their older dog, Stella, was a perfect angel. You could leave Stella alone with the car with an unwrapped Chipotle burrito, and when you returned, the burrito would be completely untouched.

When Dan and Jen brought Tuesday home for the first time, they were a little stunned. Tuesday was very, very rambunctious. She had seemingly endless energy. And the chewing! Tuesday never stopped chewing. Whether it was shoes, furniture, or the drywall - Tuesday always seemed to have something in her mouth. Determined to seek a solution, Dan and Jen started researching various products on the market.

Dan and Jen wanted to offer Tuesday something that was healthy, natural, and made with simple ingredients. When they couldn't find anything suitable at their local pet supply store or online, Dan decided to start The Natural Dog Company, so that healthy natural dog chews would be widely available to dog lovers across the country.

Tuesday the Office Dog

Today, Tuesday is a little older now, and much more mellow. She comes to the office with Dan every single day and enjoys napping, begging for food in the break room, and testing out all of our new treats and chews.