Our packaging has a new Chew Meter to help you decide if a treat will be a good fit for your dog.

We've categorized all of our treats as Light, Medium, Tough, or Super Tough.

Our light treats may take a while to chew for toy breeds or dogs with missing teeth. For most other dogs, they will get eaten fairly quickly, and should be thought of more as a snack than a long lasting chew. Since these treats can be eaten so quickly, they are usually a good option for training and delivering quick rewards to your dog. Browse all treats for Light Chewers here.

Treats for medium or regular chewers (dogs)Our medium treats will be a satisfying chew for the majority of dogs, and will likely be eaten in one sitting. Large dogs or vigorous chewers will eat these chews fairly quickly, whereas smaller dogs or dainty chewers will take their time with these treats. Browse all treats for Medium Chewers here.

Tough dog treats for strong chewersOur tough treats will stand up to enthusiastic chewing from most dogs. These are "settle in for the night" types of chews. Offer your dog this type of chew if you want to keep them busy while you're cooking or eating dinner, or watching a movie. Browse all treats for Tough Chewers here.

Super tough dog treats for aggressive chewersOur super tough treats are extremely durable, and will stand up to aggressive chewing from even the strongest of dogs. Bones, antlers, and hooves will often last for multiple chewing sessions, and it may be days, weeks, or even months until you need to replace it. Browse all treats for Super Tough Chewers here.