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Grass is a major part of the natural diet for many livestock, including cattle, sheep, bison, yak, and more. Beef sourced from grass fed cattle is healthier, has a higher antioxidant content, as well as a more favorable omega-3 fatty acid profile, compared to grain fed cattle. Dog treats and chews from this collection are sourced from grass fed, free range livestock.

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12" Jumbo Braided Collagen Sticks (Bulk)
  • $19.30
25-30" Beef Chewies - 5 Pack
  • $86.88
24" Collagen Sticks (Bulk)
  • $9.00
12" Collagen Cravings with Pork (Bulk)
  • $6.92
6" Collagen Cravings with Pork (Bulk)
  • $3.72