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When picking a bone for your dog, there are a few different types: weight bearing bones (such as slices from the femur, e.g. the marrow bones, which are are extremely hard and dense), flat bones (such as ribs or shoulder blades, which are hard, but a little less dense, and thus a bit easier to crunch into smaller pieces), and irregular bones (such as the vertebrae found in necks and tails, which break into little crumbs).

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4" Beef Marrow Bone (Bulk)
  • $4.72

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7" Beef Marrow Bone (Bulk)
  • $6.90
Beef Knuckle Bone - Large (Bulk)
  • $6.55


Large Bison Knuckle Bone
  • $14.99
  • $11.24


Beef Wing Bone (1 Piece)
  • $24.99
  • $19.99