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These bite-sized treats are perfect for training your dog and pairs well with most food-dispensing toys for added enrichment.

- Made of 95% meat (6 flavors available: beef, chicken, turkey, duck, venison, rabbit), 5% vegetable glycerin (a binder which helps retain the soft texture of the treat).

- Light, chewy texture, each bite-sized piece can be easily broken up into smaller pieces.

- Dry, won't get crumbly or sticky in your pocket or training pouch.

- Limited ingredients - good for allergy dogs and dogs with sensitive stomachs.

- High meat content = high value treat. Got a picky dog? We guarantee that they'll LOVE these treats.

2 products found in 95% Meat Training Treats

95% Chicken Training Bites - 6 oz
  • $12.99
95% Chicken Flips - 8.5 oz
  • $16.99