Why Natural Pet Stores Should Carry a Variety of Wholesale Bully Sticks for Dogs

Dogs will chew on just about anything they can get their mouth around. While there are plenty of dog toys and treats that can help keep a dog’s chewing instinct occupied, few of them are as healthy, flavorful, and popular as the bully stick.

Unlike other dog chews, bully sticks are made up of just a single ingredient: high-protein, low-fat beef muscle. The flavor that dogs love doesn’t come from any additives or artificial flavoring, but from the slow-roasting process where the beef muscle is flavored by its own juices. This is a natural, simple, and delicious treat that dogs can’t seem to get enough of.

As a result, it’s a no-brainer that your natural pet store should have a healthy inventory of bully sticks of all kinds. These well-rounded snacks come in a number of shapes, sizes, and thicknesses, meaning they can be used for any breed, size, or demeanor of dog. To help you understand why it’s so important for your shelves to be stocked with a variety of wholesale bully sticks, take a look at the following breakdowns.

A Wealth of Variety

Every dog, regardless of size, is unique. Some big dogs are relaxed and don’t require indestructible chews to keep them interested, and some small dogs are such avid chewers that they require chews that seem far too ambitious for their size.

This is why it’s so valuable to stock different types of bully sticks in your store because you’ll never know exactly who will walk through your doors and what kind of dog they’ll be shopping for. To get started, let’s outline the basic kinds of bully sticks you should make sure to have on your shelves:

  • Sizes: 6-inch and 12-inch

  • Shapes: Straight, curled, etc.

  • Thickness: Thin for small dogs, thick for bigger breeds

For smaller dogs, you’re going to want the 6-inch size bully stick simply because the larger option will likely be too much for them to finish. The same goes for thickness: thinner for smaller dogs with less jaw-strength, thicker for bigger dogs with stronger jaw-strength.

The shapes, however, can work for any type of dog. A braided bully stick, for example, is best for the avid chewer, as the layers will keep them busy for a while. A straight stick, meanwhile, is better for dogs who like to take their time.

These treats have an impressive longevity and versatility, meaning that your customers will always get the most bang for their buck. Even if a customer purchases a bully stick that might not be the best choice for their dog, they can simply throw it in the freezer and take it back out when the dog is ready for round two.

Different Sticks for Different Dogs

Bully sticks are some of the best dog treats on the market. They’re naturally nutritious, can help improve a dog’s dental health, and even come packed with rich amino acids, proteins, and taurine, which will keep a dog’s organs and muscles operating at peak efficiency.

They also don’t chip the way other chews do, meaning there’s little chance of a dog choking on a bully stick or experiencing discomfort during digestion. They’re well-rounded and flexible treats that are great snacks for big dogs, small dogs, and even puppies.

When you’re thinking of what kinds of bully sticks to stock your shelves with, consider the variety of dogs your store receives and purchase just as many, if not more, varieties of bully sticks. Customers love feeling like they’ve just purchased a unique product special-made for their dog, so always try and go the extra mile to provide your customer with the best variety of treats and chews for their dog.