Natural Chew Spotlight - Why Tendons are One of the Best Long Lasting Chews for Dogs

Everyone loves giving their dog a treat! Whether you’re presenting your dog with a long-lasting chew, or using bite-sized treats to train your dog good behavior or learning a new task, giving your dog a food reward is a fun and powerful way of bonding with your dog.

Tendons are becoming one of the most popular natural chews available, loved by both dogs and their owners. Here are just a few reasons why every pet supply store should have a selection of tendons for their customers:


  • Our tendons are minimally processed (washed with hot water and then baked)
  • Tendons are high in protein (~77% protein), low fat (~6%), low carb (~1%)
  • Tendons are lower in fat compared to chews like pig ears and trachea, making them easier to digest and a good recommendation for dogs with sensitive stomachs
  • Tendons are appropriate for all life stages, including puppies
  • Tendons are a durable chew with a low price point (especially compared to bully sticks). They start out with a very firm texture, but will start to shred and soften as your dog starts working on it.
  • Most tendons have minimal to no odor, even while being chewed
Comparison of tendons from The Natural Dog Company

There is a wide variety of tendons available on the market, from different protein sources (beef being the most commonly found), with a range of sizes and shapes, depending on the specific tendon location (the tendons in the above image are all cut from a long beef Achilles tendon, but you’ll likely find other types of tendons on the market, such as the tibial tendon).

Since dogs are all individuals, with various chewing abilities and preferences, you may want to experiment with stocking different tendons at your Chew Bar and seeing which ones your customers gravitate towards the most!