Natural Chew Spotlight - Beef Tripas Sticks

What are Tripas Sticks?

Tripas sticks are made of sausage casing that got rejected for human consumption due to little spots of pigment on the surface of the tissue. It’s kind of like a freckle, but it doesn’t look appealing when made into sausages for people, so we’re using that material to make it into dog treats instead! The very thin casing is wrapped back and forth a dozen times to create one thicker that is baked at a low temperature for a number of hours.

What type of dogs are they good for?

Tripas sticks are not a durable chew, especially when you compare them to bully sticks or tendons. 

We don’t recommend Tripas sticks for dogs who are very powerful chewers. Dogs who can crunch a 6” tripas stick into a couple of piece and swallow them whole may get an upset stomach due to large intact pieces irritating their stomach lining. They are best for young puppies, small breeds, or individuals who take their time eating a natural chew.

What are some benefits of Tripas sticks?

Tripas sticks are low in fat, low carbs, high in protein, and lower in calories compared to similarly sized natural chews. This treat has very little odor and is clean and non-greasy, so it’s a good recommendation for people who don’t want their dogs eating a messy chew in the house.

Tripas sticks are made from one single ingredient: beef intestine sourced from free-range, grassfed cattle. 

Guaranteed Analysis: 

Crude protein (min %) 76.6%
Crude fiber (max %) 0.5%
Crude fat (min %) 9.9%
Moisture (max %) 4.1%

Calorie Content (calculated): 4500 Kcal ME/kg; 54 kcal ME/6” tripas, 108 kcal/12” tripas

Similar treats:

Tremenda twists - made of the same ingredient, just formed into a twisted, crunchy shape.

Ultima sticks - made from the large intestine rather than the small intestine, the Ultima sticks are a thicker and more durable version of the Tripas sticks.