Merchandising Treats and Chews in a Small Grooming or Boarding Lobby

Merchandising is all about displaying the right products in the right way and at the right time in order to appeal to the right kinds of consumers. The more clever and fun you can design your product displays, the more passersby will be compelled to stop, take a second look, and make a purchase.

This is especially true for when you try to merchandise ancillary products, like all-natural dog treats and chews, at your dog grooming store or boarding facility. After all, your dog treats and chews—just like your grooming services—are as much for your customer’s dogs as they are for the customers themselves.

The Right Place at the Right Time

Whenever a customer walks into your grooming or boarding lobby, they’re going to be thinking about their dogs. You can take advantage of this mindset by setting up a display—maybe near your front desk, for example—and offer your customers an opportunity to reward their dog with an all-natural dog treat or chew. This can help your business improve its profit margins and delight your customers by providing them with a fun and simple way to pamper their pet.   

Additionally, dog treats and chews are common impulse purchases, especially if a customer’s dog is eagerly sniffing around your strategically-placed display. This means that you should center your merchandising center at the front of your store, so customers see it as they walk in and walk past it on their way out. This maximizes their, and their dog’s, exposure to the extra products you offer.  

The Art of the Upsell

Upselling your products or services can be tricky business. Most of the time, when a customer walks into your lobby they’re walking in with a specific need and expectation, and encouraging them to think beyond that initial goal isn’t always easy. However, when your ancillary products are in clear alignment with that original customer-goal, then you can dramatically increase your chances of landing an upsell and delighting a client in a way they weren’t expecting.

You can even have your staff casually ask a customer at checkout if they’d like to reward their pet with a treat, as this won’t only help alert the customer to an opportunity they not have noticed otherwise, but it can also help emphasize how much your store cares about the pets that it takes care of.

Practically Perfect Partnerships

If your grooming facility doesn’t sell its own brand of dog treats or chews, then consider partnering with a wholesaler. This way you can stock a merchandising display with high-quality and all-natural dog treats and chews that will be sure to catch the eye of your customers and their curious dogs while also supporting other local businesses.

Partnering with other dog-focused businesses not only makes good business sense, but it can also help you build mutually beneficial industry relations that can improve your respective companies successes for a long time. Helping others promote their business can inspire them to help you promote your business, and advertising partnerships like these are just one of the ways you can expand your brand’s reach.

Also, customers may be even more inclined to make an impulse dog treat purchase if they know that the treats are local and natural. Once again, this helps you make a higher profit, helps your customers delight their pet, and helps you build meaningful industry relations with other businesses. It’s a winning scenario for everyone involved!

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