Large Braided Tremenda
Large Braided Tremenda
Large Braided Tremenda
Large Braided Tremenda

Large Braided Tremenda

$7.00 USD

Ingredients: 100% beef bladder.

Description: Made of three pieces of beef bladder tightly braided together. Each piece measures about 12" long.

Recommended for: Dogs of all life stages over 30lbs.

Chew Time: A moderate chew for the majority of dogs, not as durable as a braided bully stick.

Sales Tips: This is an extremely palatable treat, even the most finicky of dogs won't be able to resist tremenda sticks!  There's a little bit of odor associated with this product, but that's the reason why dogs are so attracted to this chew. Tremenda toughs are easily digestible, especially when compared to something like rawhide. This chew isn't as hard as a bully stick, so it's a good option for young puppies. Braided sticks will have a bit of a longer chew time compared to straight sticks.

Country of Origin: Brazil


Case Quantity: Sold 25 pieces per case. The price listed is per individual piece.

Other Ways to Purchase: Available in a 6" length.

Item UPC: 855591005633

Case UPC: 855591005701

Want to learn more about braided tremenda sticks? Download this product sheet, or watch this short video!