Deer Antler - Large

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Sold by each individual piece. The price is per antler.

Ingredients: 100% naturally shed deer antler.

Description: Antlers are sorted by weight, rather than length - large deer antlers weigh between 201-300 g and will be either grade A or B.

Recommended for: Medium to large adult dogs over 50 lbs who love to chew.

Chew Time: This antler is likely to withstand weeks to months before it needs to be replaced.

Sales Tips: Good for customers looking for a very long lasting chew. The heavier the antler, the tougher the chew. Whole antlers are much tougher than split antlers, and deer antlers are much harder and denser compared to elk antlers. Pick the right sized antler depending on the chewing strength of the dog (i.e. a large German shepherd should not be given a small antler, they should be given a large antler). If your dog seems to not be interested in the antler, try to simmer (not boil) them for about 30 minutes in beef broth, to add some flavor.

Country of Origin: USA


Item UPC: 851265004049

Please note: Antlers are extremely dense and hard - we do not recommend them for dogs with underlying dental problems. Deer antlers, due to the ratio of the outer hard layer compared to the softer inner marrow, are the densest out of all the antlers we offer.

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